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20th of May 2020

Featured Therapist: Nicholas.

Nicholas Seibel is one of our amazing therapist trainees.  He has had a wide variety of therapeutic experience ranging from being a text message peer counselor, to a residential counselor for kids, teenagers and adults with severe emotional disorders, to a group facilitator at a dual diagnosis facility, to working as a phone-line counselor for the […]

12th of May 2020

Featured Therapist: Shannon.

Shannon Frank-Richter, MA, AMFT, APCC began with Liberation Institute in March 2019 and became the agency’s first full-time associate teletherapist in July 2019. Before joining Liberation Institute, she gained experience working with clients at the Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara. Shannon believes that therapy accesses a fundamental need everyone has as humans: a desire […]

16th of April 2020

A Note from Our Founder.

When I first opened the doors of Liberation Institute in 2008 the country was in a financial crisis and, worse, many of the people I met on the street were in mental and emotional crisis. But little did I imagine the global situation we face today. When the external structure and support in our lives […]

31st of March 2020

corona (or something like it)

Alright friends. Time for some real talk on corona virus (or something like it.) Consider this my virtual coming out of the “maybe I had COVID-19” closet. I might never know for sure because there was no test made available to me, but here is what I do know. I have been terrifyingly ill for […]

27th of December 2019

Tips for Staying Healthy in Your Golden Years.

Taking care of our bodies is our personal responsibility. This becomes more necessary as we enter our golden years because this is the time when medical conditions can start rearing their ugly heads and mobility challenges surface. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to overall health and wellness at […]

18th of November 2019

Fitness and Self-care Enhance Addiction Recovery

For many recovering from addiction, fitness has become a vital aspect of their recovery. There has been a lot written about the benefits of exercise for those trying to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Exercising can be a great motivational force that brings structure and discipline into lives that were previously trapped in the unpredictable […]

12th of November 2019

The Mental Health Benefits of CBD

Everyone feels unwell sometimes, and that includes not just physical health, but mental health as well. It’s common for people to struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. In fact, according to a world health report from the World Health Organization, one in four people worldwide are affected by mental or neurological […]

1st of July 2019

Liberation Yoga for All

Kai Shanti is a new addition to Liberation Institute and will teaching the Tuesday evening yoga class through July and August. She began her journey with yoga in 2009, when a friend invited her to a drop in class in Berkeley, CA. It didn’t take long for her to realize that yoga would become an integral […]

30th of May 2019

18th of March 2019

How to Manage Stress During Turbulent Times

by Jaymie Meyer, NBC-HWC “After every stressful situation, we become a little older,” said Hans Selye, the father of modern stress theory “Stressing out” is what happens when we don’t handle stress in a healthy way. Stress and aging are closely related and the more stress you have, the faster your body will age. So, […]

6th of February 2019

Loving Kindness Meditation

by Jaymie Meyer, NBC-HWC Loving Kindness Meditation We live in stressful times, some of which is not of our own making. Devastating events like fires, hurricanes and earthquakes have the ability to impact so many lives, including those who find themselves displaced, those who know someone directly affected, and those who find themselves feeling empathy […]

3rd of December 2018

Self-Care Advice for Seniors and Caregivers

Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash   As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the senior population will only increase with each passing year. Advances in medicine allow us to live longer, but many seniors find they cannot care for themselves like they could when they were younger. In fact, many people find they need the […]

13th of November 2018

Blackout Poetry

Let’s have some fun! I want to show you how to write an interesting poem in just a few minutes using ‘The Blackout Method’. You don’t need to be a poet or an artist or even consider yourself remotely creative – the method will do it all for you! Why show you this? Because it’s […]

15th of October 2018

Puzzles and Games Are Fun, But Are They Good for Your Brain Too? 

As a kid, nothing was more fun than a marathon game of Monopoly with your friends. But as an adult, playing games and completing puzzles can provide more than a good time. They can actually help to preserve and enhance your brain. Want to know more about how games are good for your health? Then […]

11th of October 2018

Coaching: Exploring the Possible, Together

We all could use a little help in our lives – not just to survive, but also to thrive and find true fulfillment. Right now, I’d like to talk a bit about the primary needs we as individuals are trying to meet, the challenges to meeting them, and how we can utilize a coaching relationship […]

13th of July 2018

How a Safer Home Benefits Senior Wellness

The older you get, the more time you spend alone at home. Time alone isn’t all bad — it gives you time to explore new hobbies, catch up on reading, and simply relax in solitude. However, too much time alone can be dangerous for your physical and mental health alike. Avoiding Isolation The mental health […]

22nd of February 2018

Taming the Dragon to Renew the Bond: Helpful tips for Couples.     

I once asked a friend who had been with her partner for many years, how did she make it work?  She said “every day, we make a choice to stay together and always put effort into our relationship.” Back then, I was single and still believing the fantasy that finding “the one” meant that I […]

17th of August 2017

The Altruistic Brain – Part 4: Sex, Caregiving and the Virtuous Circle.

Is there a link between sex, generosity and caregiving? According to Dr. Pfaff in his book The Altruistic Brain,  ( the possible neuronal basis of generosity is that it is intrinsically rewarding. He states: “Neuroscientists in Oregon found that using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the idea of charitable giving lights up the ‘reward center’ in the […]

11th of August 2017

Altruistic Brain – Part 3: How Altruistic Brain Theory Changes our Perceptions of Ourselves and Others.

As we saw in Part 2, empathy is our ability to understand the feelings of another, as if those feelings were our own, and to act accordingly.  Altruistic Brain Theory (ABT) suggests that when we fundamentally understand that our well-being is synonymous with the well-being of others, we can build trust, create mutual benefit, […]

26th of July 2017

The Altruistic Brain – Part 2: How Heroism Happens or Are You Kidding Me? Who Does That?

Recently, forty people formed a human chain to reach and rescue a family swept up by a riptide on a Florida beach.  (  I and my teenage son were once caught in a riptide, and I can tell you that it is impossible to swim to shore when the water is moving outward at 8 […]