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The Liberation Institute


1st of July 2019

Liberation Yoga for All

Kai Shanti is a new addition to Liberation Institute and will teaching the Tuesday evening yoga class through July and August. She began her journey with yoga in 2009, when a friend invited her to a drop in class in Berkeley, CA. It didn’t take long for her to realize that yoga would become an integral […]

30th of May 2019

18th of March 2019

How to Manage Stress During Turbulent Times

by Jaymie Meyer, NBC-HWC “After every stressful situation, we become a little older,” said Hans Selye, the father of modern stress theory “Stressing out” is what happens when we don’t handle stress in a healthy way. Stress and aging are closely related and the more stress you have, the faster your body will age. So, […]

6th of February 2019

Loving Kindness Meditation

by Jaymie Meyer, NBC-HWC Loving Kindness Meditation We live in stressful times, some of which is not of our own making. Devastating events like fires, hurricanes and earthquakes have the ability to impact so many lives, including those who find themselves displaced, those who know someone directly affected, and those who find themselves feeling empathy […]

3rd of December 2018

Self-Care Advice for Seniors and Caregivers

Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash   As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the senior population will only increase with each passing year. Advances in medicine allow us to live longer, but many seniors find they cannot care for themselves like they could when they were younger. In fact, many people find they need the […]

13th of November 2018

Blackout Poetry

Let’s have some fun! I want to show you how to write an interesting poem in just a few minutes using ‘The Blackout Method’. You don’t need to be a poet or an artist or even consider yourself remotely creative – the method will do it all for you! Why show you this? Because it’s […]

15th of October 2018

Puzzles and Games Are Fun, But Are They Good for Your Brain Too? 

As a kid, nothing was more fun than a marathon game of Monopoly with your friends. But as an adult, playing games and completing puzzles can provide more than a good time. They can actually help to preserve and enhance your brain. Want to know more about how games are good for your health? Then […]

11th of October 2018

Coaching: Exploring the Possible, Together

We all could use a little help in our lives – not just to survive, but also to thrive and find true fulfillment. Right now, I’d like to talk a bit about the primary needs we as individuals are trying to meet, the challenges to meeting them, and how we can utilize a coaching relationship […]

13th of July 2018

How a Safer Home Benefits Senior Wellness

The older you get, the more time you spend alone at home. Time alone isn’t all bad — it gives you time to explore new hobbies, catch up on reading, and simply relax in solitude. However, too much time alone can be dangerous for your physical and mental health alike. Avoiding Isolation The mental health […]

22nd of February 2018

Taming the Dragon to Renew the Bond: Helpful tips for Couples.     

I once asked a friend who had been with her partner for many years, how did she make it work?  She said “every day, we make a choice to stay together and always put effort into our relationship.” Back then, I was single and still believing the fantasy that finding “the one” meant that I […]

17th of August 2017

The Altruistic Brain – Part 4: Sex, Caregiving and the Virtuous Circle.

Is there a link between sex, generosity and caregiving? According to Dr. Pfaff in his book The Altruistic Brain,  ( the possible neuronal basis of generosity is that it is intrinsically rewarding. He states: “Neuroscientists in Oregon found that using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the idea of charitable giving lights up the ‘reward center’ in the […]

11th of August 2017

Altruistic Brain – Part 3: How Altruistic Brain Theory Changes our Perceptions of Ourselves and Others.

As we saw in Part 2, empathy is our ability to understand the feelings of another, as if those feelings were our own, and to act accordingly.  Altruistic Brain Theory (ABT) suggests that when we fundamentally understand that our well-being is synonymous with the well-being of others, we can build trust, create mutual benefit, […]

26th of July 2017

The Altruistic Brain – Part 2: How Heroism Happens or Are You Kidding Me? Who Does That?

Recently, forty people formed a human chain to reach and rescue a family swept up by a riptide on a Florida beach.  (  I and my teenage son were once caught in a riptide, and I can tell you that it is impossible to swim to shore when the water is moving outward at 8 […]

17th of July 2017

The Altruistic Brain – Part 1: The Evolutionary Roots of Altruism or You May Not be as Selfish as You Imagine

  Why do people spontaneously risk their lives for strangers? In New York City, Wesley Autry jumped in front of a train to rescue a man who had fallen on the tracks. (  Why the hell did he do that? Based on the prevailing views of evolutionary biology, that was a really stupid thing to […]

1st of April 2017

Wanderer, Worshipper, Goal-Setter!

Spring is here!  This is a great time to reconnect to your desires, intentions and goals for the year.  Most people commit to resolutions at the beginning of the year and have the highest intentions to make the changes desired.  Life sneaks in and then, especially without structures to support you in continuing to take the steps […]

4th of March 2017

Diet: An Expanded View

Greg Tilden MFT Trainee (supervised by Renee Beck MFC21060) In a 2014 interview, poet and hip-hop artist Saul Williams discussed the idea of how one’s “musical diet” affects the music that one creates. It’s no question that eating healthy foods affects one’s mindset and overall mental health. But could it be that the media we […]

Spring Open Your Heart – Workshop and Kirtan!

Please join us as we celebrate Spring with an immersion into Bhakti Yoga! On Saturday, March 11 we will be hosting an international known Kirtan artist, Devadas, at the RC. The chanting/kirtan concert is at 7pm.. Before that, starting at 2pm, is a Spring Open Your Heart workshop. The afternoon will include a gentle heart […]

4th of February 2017

Living With Anxiety – A Journey Into Compassion

Brad Byrum MFT Trainee (Supervised By Stever Dallmann MFT51178) Everyone experiences anxiety. It is just part of being human. But, for some of us, anxiety is such a powerful force that it becomes our dominant inner reality, shaping how we experience ourselves and how we live our lives. So we adopt strategies to “manage” our […]

2nd of February 2017

6 Week Group for New Moms!

The therapists from Holistic Mama Support are starting another 6 week series for new moms.  The first group will meet in person on March 5th, then follow with one individual and one group call per week for 6 weeks.  This group is donation based, supporting the Liberation Institute.  For more info, please email   […]

30th of December 2016

Thank You

Mother Teresa said “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put in to giving.”  In a time when  people say money rules all, we say love and giving is a better answer.  Our organization includes a staff of over 70 people; Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Meditation Leaders, Supervisors, etc.  All of these wonderful people […]