The Liberation Institute

The Liberation Institute


20th of November 2016

A Step in the Right Direction

In our therapy clinic people often come in asking for help in getting out of old feelings they are stuck in. I tell them that the work ahead may be challenging and complex, but the basic map is simple. Change requires action. In my own journey I have learned this “inconvenient truth”: Old behaviors bring […]


Please join us for our monthly gathering on the third Wednesday of each month to explore the teachings of Ram Dass and the unconditional love of his guru Neem Karoli Baba. This is a space for people to gather, share, and celebrate their curiosity of life, consciousness, and spirit. Every month has a new topic, […]

19th of November 2016

Opening Windows

“The Divine is like the wind: It enters through whatever window we open for it, and sometimes through cracks we didn’t know existed.” – Phillip Goldberg


The road for interning therapists can be a long, windy, tortuous, underpaid, nerve wracking experience. Since all of our Supervisors, Director and Assistant Director, have also had to do it themselves, they all understand. At Liberation we see many students, interns, and MFT’s who are dedicated to helping and healing the human race, all while […]


We are grateful and thrilled to announce the premier of our new website! When we opened our doors in October 2008 I put together our first website on my old mac. That felt like quite an accomplishment for a guy who can barely write emails! As we grew I upgraded the site as best I […]

Were All Connected

Everyday around dusk, outside our main offices in SF, a flock of little black birds gathers on the wires to chirp, gloriously celebrating the day. This always reminds me of the symphony of transformation that happens with the work we do at Libi – people helping people in community. Here’s a video for a reminder […]

18th of November 2016

Research at the Liberation Institute

As a natural extension of our out-of-the box perspectives, our clinical staff creates and oversees a variety of research projects designed to study and support innovation in growth, healing, and freedom. Current Projects Include: A pilot study on music, chanting, meditation and the potential benefits to people with depression. Yoga therapy and efficacy for anxiety […]

13th of October 2016

Meditation linked to lower stress among prison inmates

Prisoners who practice transcendental meditation twice a day may experience less stress and fewer mental health issues than fellow inmates who don’t meditate, a small US study suggests. Previous research has linked this type of meditation involving mantras and mindfulness to reduced stress in a variety of populations at risk for mental health problems, including […]

29th of April 2016

5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health

Here’s some great reasons to join us on Tuesday evenings for Liberation Yoga! “Yoga is a psychology — the whole practice helps us work with the nature of the mind, the nature of being a human, how emotions live in our bodies, how they affect our behavior and our minds,” says Turner, who reveals that […]