This 12 week group is a closed process group for veterans who want to find more peace and contentment in their lives through community. We will use the book “No Bad Parts” to facilitate our conversations, learning to support the different parts of ourselves that have arisen from hurtful experiences. Participants can hope to gain self awareness and compassion, find solace in having a place to share experiences, and find tools to cope with difficult moments. This group is open to Oregon residents and had a suggested donation of $10.

Group time: Tuesdays at 9-10:15 am PST, held virtually via Google Meet.

Group Dates: Weekly June 18- September 3, 2024

Group contact/to join:

Facilitator Bios:

Eshe Boyette is the wife of a veteran, a somatic-oriented therapist, and a believer in the resiliency of the human spirit. She is passionate about helping service members, first responders, and their families find mental health care that meets their needs. Her work as a yoga teacher, crisis counselor, and adolescent mentor, combined with the experience of her own recovery from trauma and chronic illness, gives her an authentic perspective to support and empower others. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying exercise, spending time with her husband, cats and dogs, and trying to teach herself how to play the piano. Supervisors: Eshe is supervised by Elizabeth Hoke, LMFT #T1440

Pryor Shade is a veteran, educator, and artist who understands the struggles that we as humans can experience, trying to fit in, earn a living, access resources, develop relationships, and appreciate our own value as creative beings. Along the way I have learned a great deal about humility, about the need for curiosity and a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills. It’s not so much about having the right answer, but to help people share their story and feel heard, seen and valued. One of the greatest lessons I have acquired along the way is to get out of my own way: to let go of my agenda, and be an active participant in the process. No matter what the task, a collaborative approach tends to be far better than a mission executed by an army of one. I hope to help people who have had difficult life experiences and wish to develop a positive and affirming frame for moving forward.  Pryor is supervised by Dr. Shelly Stratton, PhD, LCSW #L7252