Couples Relationship Building Workshop

This 12-week group for couples is based on The Gottman Method of building a Sound Relationship House. This group consists of 12 sessions and is meant to be an enjoyable, game-type format in which you and your partner interact with tools and exercises designed to better your relationship, bring more intimacy, increase conflict resolution, and build an overall positive perspective in your relationship.  These methods have been shown through years of research to be highly effective at improving couples satisfaction in their relationship.  The group setting encourages you to express your love for your partner and learn about them alongside other couples with the same goals.  This in itself will strengthen your relationship and is bound to provide members with some humorous moments, offering a sense of humor in the face of growth with your partner.

Day/time: Sundays at 11 AM, beginning June 30th 

Where: Online 

Cost: Suggested donation per session is $10, no one is turned away due to lack of funds

Facilitators: Jeremy Evanston & Michelle Kramer 

Jeremy Evanston is a therapist intern working at Liberation Institute and Aegis Treatment Center in Eureka California.  He completed his BA at Humboldt State University and continues to work toward his license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor at Touro University.  Jeremy works primarily in the treatment of addiction with the goal of becoming a licensed addiction specialist. Jeremy also continues to work toward Gottman Therapy certification and is an active student at the Gottman Institute.  He holds AAMFT and CCAPP membership as he works toward his several licenses. 

Michelle Kramer is a graduate student at Touro University, passionately pursuing her studies in Marriage and Family Therapy with a deep commitment to Rogerian principles of empathetic understanding and unconditional positive regard. With a solid foundation in psychology, Michelle aims to facilitate personal growth and strengthen relationships through evidence-based interventions. She believes in the innate potential for healing and self-actualization within each individual, guiding clients towards a path of greater self-awareness and fulfillment. Outside of her academic pursuits, Michelle cherishes moments with her beloved pet dog, finding solace and connection in their companionship. She also delights in exploring new places and indulging in the magic of Disneyland, where she embraces the joy and wonder that enhance her well-being. These experiences not only rejuvenate Michelle but also enrich her empathetic approach, allowing her to connect deeply with others and provide compassionate support on their journey towards healing and personal growth. 

Jeremy and Michelle are supervised by Antoinette Schrader, LPCC #7498

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