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Grief Support Group – Tuesdays at 6PM

Join us to be with Grief in a community of support

Every Tuesday at 6:00pm – 7:30pm PST

A space to talk about the way grief and loss show up in our lives in the ways we expected and the ways we didn’t expect it to. The group understands grief as the feeling of that comes from losing the future we imagined or ourselves and our loved ones. Whether Grief comes in reaction to a Death, Divorce, Split-ups, Moving, Job Loss. There are so many facets of our lives in which we can experience loss and this is a space to share and process those feelings through story, art and creativity; with people who understand.

Facilitators: Kristen El Yaouti MFT, PCC, DT Trainee; Champagne Hughes MFT, DT Trainee
Facilitators Bio: Kristen El Yaouti is a MFT Trainee and PCC Trainee at Liberation Institute finishing her Masters in Counseling Psychology and Drama Therapy at California Institute of Integral Studies. Focuses on bringing trauma-informed somatic practices to drama therapy. Supervisor:James Bosch LMFT (#86491), Max Littman LCSW (#87313).

Champagne Hughes is a counseling psychology Masters student at California Institute of Integral Students and MFT Trainee at Liberation Institute. with a background in storytelling, education and pleasure activism. Hughes specializes in drama and sex therapy with a mission to transform toxic societal attitudes towards human sexuality and using the arts for self expressive, healing purposes. Supervisor: Max Littman, LCSW (#87313)

RVSP/Contact: incoming@liberationinstitute.org
Location: California
Time: TBD