Eight Dates: Conversations for Strengthening Your Relationship

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm-8:30pm PST

The success or failure of any long-term relationship hinges on the couple’s bond and ability to communicate harmoniously. Renowned psychologist John Gottman has devoted his forty-plus-year career to understanding how to improve communication between married partners and couples. Using findings from Gottman’s book Eight Dates: Essential Conversations For A Lifetime of Love, this 12-week group will guide you through eight couple “dates” designed to strengthen your bond and teach you the art of respect, empathy, and understanding of your partner. Topics will include: Trust & Commitment, Addressing Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, Work & Money, Family, Fun & Adventure, and Growth & Spirituality. Reading or listening to the Gottman book will aid in understanding and utilizing concepts covered and is highly recommended for group participants. Resources will be made available.

Facilitators: Will Conner, MFT Trainee and Scott Macomber, MFT Trainee
Supervisor Name: Adina Ascher
Bio: Will & Scott are both pursuing their Masters in Marital & Family Therapy at Alliant International University
Location: California
Who this group is for: This group is for couples seeking to improve their communication dynamics. Reading (or listening to) John Gottman’s book, “Eight Dates: Essential Conversations For A Lifetime of Love” (180 pages), is REQUIRED for participation in this group.
How many weeks will this group run: 12 weeks

Mindful Relational Couples Group

Every Thursday evenings starting May12, 6:30-8:30 pm for 8 weeks

Bring awareness to your relational patterns with an experiential and somatic approach. Build tools to connect, listen, and communicate. – The group will begin 5/12/22 open to accepting couples for first 2 weeks, after that we will close the group for the remaining 6 sessions. – maximum people 12 ( 5 couples) – all kinds of couples welcome Using Mindfulness and Somatic exercises.

Facilitators: Co-led by Aimee McConneloug MFT Trainee and Jen Antill MFT trainee
Supervisor Name: Lynndal Daniels
Bio: Aimee is an MFT grad student at the WISR Institute. She has 20 years of experience in somatic healing and body-based awareness in groups. Aimee has been married and working in a deep relationship with her partner for 24 years. Jen is a grad student getting her master’s in Counseling Psychology. She spends much of my time reading and practicing the art of depth psychology and integrating it into her Archetypal Astrology practice. She has spent the past two years studying Jungian psychology. Jen has been partnered for ten years and recently just got married to her now wife. Jen has fluency in queer and heterosexual relationships, brining a diverse array of experience to the table.
Location: California
Who this group is for: People joining the group must be able to contain and hold their process. They also must be be able to self-regulate in a group setting.

We Keep Going in Circles

Wednesdays (Weekly) 730-930pm PST

Feeling like your conversations are going in circles? Holding grudges? A lull in sex life? Feeling unseen, unheard, and like you are planets away at times? We gotchu. We Keep Going in Circles (WKGIC) is a closed, 12-week skill building group addressing these issues and more. Being a closed group, participants will experience an intake interview with the group’s co-facilitators, Brittany or Grayson, so that we can do our best to ensure that the couples present are ready, willing, and able to build connections and put in the work to reignite the energy needed to meet your goals.

Facilitators: Brittany Braxton, AMFT & Grayson Thompson, MFT Trainee 
Bio: Brittany – CIIS, Experience participating in groups and leading groups in corporate settings. Grayson – Alliant Univ, Experienced group facilitator for children, adults and families.
Supervisor Name: James Bosch, Lynndal Daniels, LMFT #78183
RVSP/ and
Location: California
Who this group is for: Adult couples without children.

Couples and NonViolent Communication – 10 Week Crash Course

WHO: For couples and partners
WHAT: Learning non violent communication techniques
WHEN: Rolling admission
TIME: TBD on couple’s and therapist’s availability
COST: Sliding Scale

Let’s explore ways to communicate and share our truths with one another. Learn Non violent communication techniques, how to listen and deeper ways to connect. This group will give us spaciousness to share our truths and learn how we are being heard


Barbara Lowenstein-Weglein, MBA, MFT Trainee

Barbara is a therapist in training at Liberation Institute, and completing her second master’s in Child and Family Therapy at Alliant International University. Barbara has had extensive experience running peer-led support groups for over a decade and is grateful to be able to create a loving and kind space for supporting your inner journey. Barbara is a Bay Area native, mom, lifelong student, and would love to own a big farm full of rescue dogs.
Supervised by Adina Ascher, LCSW #28900 & Crystal Haviland, LPCC #7633

Halie Anderson, AMFT
Halie is an Integrative Holistic Therapist intern. Her favorite modalities currently are Humanistic, Gestalt, Jungian Dream work, Expressive arts therapy, and Sex
Therapy. Her approach is informed by a fascination with the interplay between self and other; how inner and external connection is interwoven into the blooming evolution of human authenticity. Her strong belief is that we can learn from the patterns, constellations, phenomenology crafted within language and effects within nature and relationships to actively shift our perceptions, helping us to rest in and embrace life. She’s excited to be both a presence and a mirror as she works with you.
Supervised by Lynndal Daniels, LMFT #78183