Attachment Group

This online group is designed to explore and discuss the vital topic of attachment. It’s normal for many of us to struggle with strong anxiety around safety & belonging, issues around scarcity and our home environment, fear of abandonment and issues relating to relationships, family, dating, parenting and bereavement that can result in a lot of pain and difficulty. Attachment issues can be a root issue in many of these conditions and more.

The concept of attachment is often referred to in spiritual texts as a source of suffering. But the view that we must remove healthy human attachments is also unreasonable and healthy attachments are a very important part of what makes us happy. This circle is inspired by the books Attached (2010, Levine & Heller) and Insecure in Love (2014, Becker – Phelps) and these books help us explore this vital topic in greater depths.

Please RSVP to either of the email address in the flyer above or to pursue inquiries about this group.