S.A.M.E (Sexual Assault My Empowerment)

Time: Sundays 11AM – 12:30pm

A psychotherapy and psychoeducational closed support group that will use drama therapy tools enabling participants to build, maintain, reclaim and/or repair their autonomy and sense of self. Participants will also discover, establish and learn more about their strengths and inner resources.

Facilitators: Kristen El Yaouti & Champagne Hughes
Supervisor Name: James Bosch LMFT (#86491), Max Littman LCSW (#87313)
Bio: Kristen El Yaouti is a MFT Trainee and PCC Trainee at Liberation Institute finishing her Masters in Counseling Psychology and Drama Therapy at California Institute of Integral Studies. Focuses on bringing trauma-informed somatic practices to drama therapy. Champagne Hughes is a counseling psychology Masters student at California Institute of Integral Students and MFT Trainee at Liberation Institute. with a background in storytelling, education and pleasure activism. Hughes specializes in drama and sex therapy with a misson to transform toxic societal attitudes towards human sexuality and using the arts for self expressive, healing purposes. 
Location: California
Who this group is for: This is currently a group for women identified adults only. If you feel this descriptor does not include you, especially men identified adults please still reach out to us anyway. We hope to create a group around masculinity and sexual assault, as well as a non binary group in the near future. We intend for this to allow groups to explore among peers; how their experience of gender is affected by and affects their experience of sexual assault.