The Liberation Institute

The Liberation Institute


We strive daily to meet our mission with a fresh, open minded, compassionate, diverse, and creative approach. True to that intention, we’ve designed innovative new treatment portals and programs.

Counseling Center

We offer counseling and psychotherapy for adults, youth, children, families, and groups. Therapy services are provided by California licensed clinicians and interns. This program is the centerpiece of what we do here.


Liberation Yoga

Liberation Yoga is the community that has formed around the yoga, meditation, and kirtan (chanting) groups at our Urban Retreat Center.

The core offerings are Tuesday Liberation Yoga, Wednesday Community Kirtan and Thursday Meditation Class (“Heart Camp”), all at the Urban Retreat Center. In addition we offer a variety of other classes, workshops, events and outings.

All Liberation Yoga groups and gatherings are offered on a donation basis. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome.

Libi Mobile

The Liberation Mobile is a project designed to bring mental health services directly to residents in their communities, and take clients out of the inner city and into state and national parks, recreational areas, organic farms and other natural spaces for structured eco-psychology therapy sessions.


Next Step Recovery

The Next Step Recovery Program was created to support people in recovery from addictions, alcoholism, and other problematic behaviors. We offer one-on-one counseling, weekly support groups, education, and workshops as part of this program. Entering our recovery program is done by entering our regular counseling program.

Wisdom Circles

Therapists over 60 years young join with teens and youth to discover that wisdom, support, and creative spirit comes in all ages, sizes, colors, and styles. We all learn from each other.



Integrative therapy, groups, and workshops created for the Queer/LGBTQ community by queer members of our counseling staff. Like all we do here at the Institute, Chasmo integrates queer theory and celebrates creative individuality.

Note: Chasmo is short for Chasmogamy (n.) a botanical term describing a type of flower. A flower which is chasmogamous opens and displays both the male and female parts of the flower to the environment.

Music is Love

Be it a therapy group for musicians, an evening of meditation to classical strings, a hip hop class, a Sufi circle, or an 80’s dance party, this program brings the community together with the knowledge that music heals.


Sandwich Brigade

A team of trained therapists hit the streets with food, referrals, and an open ear. Our fresh integrative counseling approach can have a helpful, and sometimes profound, effect on the people who live on the margins.


As a natural extension of our out-of-the box perspectives, our clinical staff creates and oversees a variety of research projects designed to study and support innovation in growth, healing, and freedom.

Workshops, Classes, and Professional Development

We regularly provide or host a wide array of classes, workshops, groups, and retreats. To learn what’s coming up, please check out our Upcoming Events calendar , our Blog , and sign up for our Newsletter



Healing, growth and transformation happen both within ourselves and within community. We eagerly invite collaboration with other agencies, like-minded organizations and practitioners. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

For more information on any of these programs please email, call, or use the contact form below.