Building Grit & Resilience Support Group

Every Thursday at 11am-12:30pm PST

In this group, we will address challenges that we long to accomplish and explore how we embrace and walk towards or away from accomplishing those challenges each week. Together, we can create a community that aids in our personal growth and environment. Here we can share our personal goals, at the same time identify what our challenges, roadblocks, even triggers that may or have caused us setbacks from reaching those personal goals. Drawing from expressive arts practice, positive affirmation or inspirational quotes, we will be holding space for accountability as well as exploring the internal dialogue or blocks that seem to get in the way of what we strive for. Bring to the group whatever it is that you long to accomplish and we will attempt to explore the possibilities and our internal relationship with it.

Facilitators: Erik Ontiveros, MFT Trainee & Halie Anderson, MFT Trainee
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