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Grief and Peer Support Group

Join us to be with Grief in a community of support

Time: Tuesdays 5:30-7:00PM

The passing of a loved one can be the start of a difficult new chapter in our lives. Grief can make us feel out of step with the social world as we work through unexpected thoughts and feelings. When those in grief meet, we can support each other as peers who understand, creating a safe space for expressing feelings. Together, the group can transform difficult emotions into the next steps of life.

Facilitators: Ari Neubauer, MFT Trainee and Caroline Anton, MFT Trainee
Bio: Ari is an MFT Trainee with lived experience of recovery from prolonged grief. Ari is a grad student at Cal State East Bay, a Peer Counselor at Mental Health Association of San Francisco, and an MFT Trainee here at Liberation Institute. To relax, Ari enjoys video games and improv comedy.

Caroline is a MFT Trainee with Liberation Institute and a Counseling Psychology graduate student with an emphasis in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her previous experience in mental health includes volunteering as a Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line, as well as minoring in Psychology at Cal Poly SLO. At Cal Poly SLO, she majored in Agricultural Communication, learning about agricultural practices and applying that to communicating between farmers and consumers. She has worked in numerous settings, such as as a hostess and server in restaurants, an intern at a nonprofit studying nutrition, and a swim instructor. When Caroline is not with clients, she is hiking, doing yoga, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Supervisors: Supervised by Crystal Haviland, LPCC #7633 and Supervised by Josie Valderrama, Psy.D. #Psy27913
For who this groups is for: Specify any grief which is the loss of a person (excluding pets and other forms of loss)
For how many weeks: 8 weeks
RVSP/Contact: groups@liberationinstitute.org
Location: California