Jungian Dream Inquiry and Analysis Group

Every Tuesday at 10:30am-12:00pm PST

Let’s take the time to inquire into our dreams. Tuning into our dreams is a practice, like yoga, art, or music. Our vision for this group is to practice dream interpretation together. What is the unconscious pointing out to us? Let’s explore archetypes, symbols, and our own relationship to the dream. In this group, we will present our dreams to one another. We will have at least one dream that we dive into weekly as a group. Our hope is to make our unconscious conscious and weave the information we receive in dreamtime into our waking life. If you do not remember your dreams, that is OK – we can explore daydreams and other imagery together too. Images like tarot cards, oracle cards, and paintings are all openings to this way of being. All are welcome!

Facilitators: Halie Anderson, MFT Trainee
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Art, Creativity and Process Group

Every Wednesday at 9:30am-10:30am PST

Let’s connect and make art together as a weekly practice. We will set aside 1.5 hours every week to explore ourselves within a project and then share what we created and experienced. Prompts are provided, but you are always welcome to free-form create in community with us if you have something in mind for that particular week. Let’s make some time and space for our artistic, poetic way of seeing the world. All are welcome. 

Facilitators: Courtney Cheng, MFT Trainee, Halie Anderson, MFT Trainee, & Tatum Marcus, MFT Trainee