Art, Creativity and Process Group

Every Wednesday at 9:30am-10:30am PST

Let’s connect and make art together as a weekly practice. We will set aside 1.5 hours every week to explore ourselves within a project and then share what we created and experienced. Prompts are provided, but you are always welcome to free-form create in community with us if you have something in mind for that particular week. Let’s make some time and space for our artistic, poetic way of seeing the world. All are welcome. 

Facilitators: Courtney Cheng, MFT Trainee, Halie Anderson, MFT Trainee, & Tatum Marcus, MFT Trainee

Postpartum Family Support Group for Parents, Partners and their Babies

Time: TBD
For parents, partners, and the little ones

Transitioning into parenthood can be unique and challenging.  This support group is to hold space for your parenting journey. We will explore the connection with our children, and partners and talk about the parent journey.  You are welcome to show up solo as well to take the time to process and share what your individual needs might be. This group is to share ourselves and our inner worlds with those who might be experiencing similar issues. It is a space to have community, connection, and understanding for times that are different or isolating.

Facilitators: Barbara Lowenstein-Weglein, MBA, MFT Trainee & Halie Anderson, AMFT
Supervisors: Adina Ascher, LCSW #28900 & Crystal Haviland, LPCC #7633, & Lynndal Daniels, LMFT #78183