The Liberation Institute

The Liberation Institute

Our Story

Tired of watching managed care, health insurance, public health bureaucracy, and other institutional structures create obstacles for people in their paths to healing, growth, and freedom, Steven “Stever” Dallmann was inspired to create something new.

Founded “as an experiment to see if the people can do this for themselves, in community,” the Liberation Institute (“Libi”) opened it’s doors on October 7 2008. That first day, in one small office sparsely furnished with three old lawn chairs, Stever saw our first 2 clients. They were both homeless men that Stever “dragged in off the street.” That day one of those clients went into a detox center and is still clean and sober today!

From that auspicious beginning, we have grown, one step at a time, to what we are today: a vibrant diverse community of over 70 amazing volunteer professional healers serving an average of nearly 300 clients every week! In addition to our core therapy and counseling work, we are continuously creating ground breaking new programs, classes, and workshops.

As we have evolved and grown, our programs have blossomed beyond the walls of our vibrant community counseling center. Yoga, mediation, street therapy, music therapy, and our exciting Libi Mobile program are just a few examples of our innovative and transformative activities.

And this is just the start. There are no limits to what determined and compassionate people can do to help each other.

How do we do it? This work can be difficult and, at times, heartbreaking.

Some of us gain inspiration from the motto of our founder Stever:

“Love as much as you can, from where you are, with what you’ve got.”


As Margaret Mead said:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that every has.”