We are grateful and thrilled to announce the premier of our new website!

When we opened our doors in October 2008 I put together our first website on my old mac. That felt like quite an accomplishment for a guy who can barely write emails! As we grew I upgraded the site as best I could on the outdated mac programs I had. The old site was woefully outdated, but the signature snapshot of the soaring Liberation bird will live on.

old-websiteThis community project has required months of hard work and many long and complex discussions about design and content. I hope you find the results of our efforts pleasant and helpful.

Deep gratitude to everyone who participated in getting this monumental task done. Kudos to our team, especially assistant director Elizabeth Hoke who spent endless hours helping me generate every word, image and detail.

Special thanks to Kyle McClure and everyone on the stellar team at Elevation Web. Without their expertise and generosity this project would not have happened.

Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback!