Liberation from Addiction Recovery Support Group

Every Sunday at 1:30pm

Our vision is to provide a safe, inclusive space for anyone who is looking to recover from addiction. You are not alone. Please join us as we walk the path of overcoming addiction together..

Facilitators: Kelsey Jenson, MFT Trainee & Clay David, MFT Trainee
Bio: CLAY PAUL DAVID: Golden Gate University I am not a recent college graduate but a seasoned professional whose wide-ranging career has spanned many callings linked by a dedication to service. I have served as director, professor, manager, mentor, coach, and counselor in the arenas of arts education and production, enrichment for adults with disabilities, community development and fundraising, and support for those in recovery from substance abuse. My personal and professional journey has led me to focus now on counseling, as the culmination of a lifelong commitment to service, mentoring and nurturance. I am also a member of the alcohol and substance abuse recovery community, I am grateful for the clean and sober resilience I have gained from nurturing residential, inpatient, outpatient, and relapse-prevention programs. I continue to provide ongoing post-treatment sober support for recovering post-traumatic stress disorder victims in groups across California who resorted to self-medicating. I have taught, counseled, and coached diverse student populations, ranging across all socio-economic backgrounds, nationalities, cultural individualities, gender identities and sexual orientations, working with disabled students, young teens from an on-campus middle and high school, and non-English speakers. As a professor, counselor, coach, and mentor, I have sought to foster and advocate for self-expression and cultural competence with sensitivity and humility. I believe my own life challenges and broad exposure to differing personalities and communities, grappling with substance abuse and family-related problems, have engendered an empathetic nature, supportive skillset, and sense of dedication to those who struggle with their families. I feel that long-term recovery can be both a liberating and an integrative force; helps bring meanings into conscious awareness and enables integration with waking life identity.

KELSEY JENSON: As a longtime member of the 12 step community, I understand first-hand the challenges and gifts of a clean and sober life. I am passionate about creating a community of support as individuals seek a life free from the bondage of addiction. In counseling, I have focused my attention on treating trauma, disordered eating, and addiction to provide comprehensive support across all areas of life. By working in collaboration with clients, I hope to support individuals as they create a life of meaning based on their own needs and values. Is it our goal to provide a safe and supportive space for you as you navigate the road of recovery, leveraging the strength of one another to support you along the way.

Supervisor Name: Josie Valderrama, Psy.D. License # Psy27913
Location: California
Who this group is for: Anyone looking to live life sober and clean from addiction
How many weeks will the group run for: Drop in group (On-going)