road-for-internsThe road for interning therapists can be a long, windy, tortuous, underpaid, nerve wracking experience. Since all of our Supervisors, Director and Assistant Director, have also had to do it themselves, they all understand.

At Liberation we see many students, interns, and MFT’s who are dedicated to helping and healing the human race, all while getting emotionally trampled, working so much to support themselves and gain hours, and feeling completely burned out. We are dedicated to providing them with the support they need. By offering therapy at a sliding scale, they are able to get help so they can be the best therapists they can be, all while not breaking their bank so they can continue to pay off their hefty student loans.

If you’re an intern, therapist, or anyone working in the field of helping others, please know that Liberation is here to support you. With donation based weekly Yoga, Meditation, and Kirtan therapy groups, as well as sliding scale individual, couples or family therapy, we can help you prevent or lesson compassion fatigue and burnout.

Please attend on of our Liberation Sangha groups or contact us to make an appointment today!