Featured Therapist: Shannon.

Shannon Frank-Richter, MA, AMFT, APCC began with Liberation Institute in March 2019 and became the agency’s first full-time associate teletherapist in July 2019. Before joining Liberation Institute, she gained experience working with clients at the Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara.

Shannon believes that therapy accesses a fundamental need everyone has as humans: a desire to be understood. She helps clients understand that their strengths are their road map to wellness, and their therapeutic journey is most successful once they can access and believe in their own personal talents. She believes all individuals’ path to vitality and happiness are unique and feels blessed for the opportunity to work with clients. Shannon has been a vital part of Liberation Institute, helping us continue our mission in providing affordable access to mental health services.

Although she recently moved to Portland, Oregon, she says her heart belongs to the Bay Area where she was married and raised her family. Any chance she gets, she ventures to the Pacific coastline to indulge in the crisp sea air, or hikes among the redwoods that beautifully grace the West Coast. Connecting with nature is Shannon’s most treasured way to regain balance and restore energy so she can be the best therapist she can be.

Shannon is supervised by Lynndal Daniels, LMFT.