Couples and Chronic Illness Support Group

Mondays at 4:30pm beginning 9/12/22

A weekly community for couples and families who wish to share and receive additional support surrounding chronic illness, its emotional toll, and any surrounding issues which may arise and impact one or both partners.

Facilitators: Joclyn Krevat, MFT Trainee, Scott Macomber, MFT Trainee
Supervisor Name: Supervised by Adina M. Ascher, LCSW #28900, and Crystal Haviland, LPCC #7633

Scott Macomber is a marriage and family therapist trainee who believes in the transformative power of emotion. For more than 30 years as a professional musician, Scott has used emotion as a powerful tool to reach audiences. Now, as a therapist, Scott is excited to help individuals, couples, and families heal, turn back towards each other, and grow. Scott is also a passionate husband and father of three beautiful children.

Joclyn Krevat is a marriage and family therapist trainee working toward a second master’s degree at TUW. In her previous career as an occupational therapist, Joclyn took a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation. Now, as a therapist therapist, Joclyn is excited to have pivoted her focus to emotional healing. Joclyn is from Brooklyn, married a nice guy. knows first hand about chronic illness, and is a dog person.

Location: California
Who this group is for: Couples and families/ no prior therapy experience is required
How many weeks will the group run for: Drop in group (On-going)