A Note from Our Founder.

When I first opened the doors of Liberation Institute in 2008 the country was in a financial crisis and, worse, many of the people I met on the street were in mental and emotional crisis. But little did I imagine the global situation we face today.

When the external structure and support in our lives get’s weird and wobbly, our internal self – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – can be thrown way off balance. I am so grateful that the organization, we as a community have created over the last 12 years, is here today to effectively and compassionately help those who need it. 

As soon as the virus crisis began to emerge, our management team and huge volunteer staff sprung into action. We were one of the first grassroots community mental health clinics to get all our therapists and clients online. While many public and government mental health services closed down or floundered, we continued to serve people non-stop.

I am writing today to say Thank You. 

Thank You to the amazing staff at Liberation for being so caring, dedicated and determined to serve. 

Thank You to the amazing community that has supported us all these years, and especially now. 

And above all, Thank You to each and every client we serve for their inspiring courage to be vulnerable and share themselves. 

It is clear to me, now more than ever, that when we each endeavor to nurture our own individual Healing, Growth and Freedom, we create a rippling effect of change that vibrates through our loved ones, families, communities, and the planet. 

In these times of deep global and personal challenge, we can all tap into that positive current and strive to Love – as much as we can, from where we are, with what we’ve got.

We are, indeed, in this together.

With deep gratitude,

Stever Dallmann. PhD

Founding Director, Liberation Institute