Thank You

Mother Teresa said “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put in to giving.”  In a time when  people say money rules all, we say love and giving is a better answer.  Our organization includes a staff of over 70 people; Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Meditation Leaders, Supervisors, etc.  All of these wonderful people volunteer their time to help people receive mental health services. Liberation Institute is not only alive and thriving because of the work from it’s volunteers,  but it’s doors have remained open over the last 8 years thanks to donations from countless businesses, foundations, and individuals.  Each and every one helping us help to make this world a better place one person at a time.
Looking back on 2016, we as a grassroots community mental health clinic feel deeply grateful to have the opportunity to do the work we do.   We have helped hundreds of clients this year by way of individual, couples, family and group therapy.   With some of our therapists able to offer unique experiences through different therapeutic modalities such as Somatic Therapy, Drama Therapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy, we were able to reach others who found it hard to respond to conventional talk therapy.  Our weekly  groups; Kirtan, Yoga, and Mediation have also helped so many by integrating the mind, body and spirit in a group setting.
As this holiday season comes to a close and we ring in the 2017 New Year, we say Thank You to our community who has given us the gift of being able to continue our work.  We feel so lucky to be given another year to serve those in need of mental health services who cannot afford it.   We know that as an organization who depends on the generosity of people, how amazing and generous our community really is, because we would not exist with out them.  
The heart that gives, gathers.  Tao Te Ching
 Elizabeth Hoke,
Assistant Director

Light in Dark Days

Winter, the solstice, and the holidays can be a cozy time of connection and celebration, but for many of us this period is sad and challenging. Here at Libi our doors and hearts are open to those who need it.

If you know someone in need, please have them contact us.

You can also help by spreading the word about our critical fundraising campaign. It’s your generosity that allows us to serve others:

Sad man sitting in sunset

We are a community of people helping people everyday. With your help we can compassionately change the world. Thank You!