Urgent Community Campaign!


The need for accessible mental health services in our community has grown dramatically and we are scrambling to do everything we can to help. We now have over 70 volunteer therapists, teachers, and healers serving over 300 people every week! Meanwhile, our basic expenses, such as rent, utilities etc, continue to skyrocket.

At this crucial time, we are in urgent need of support to help us keep our doors open. Happily, the good people at HandUp have assisted us in putting together an online campaign!


Please help us if you can. No contribution is too small, and every penny goes directly to providing services to our community. As a 501c3 non-profit, every donation made to the Liberation Institute is tax deductible.

Spread the word!!

People Helping People - Every Day. Together we can make a real difference in the world!

People Helping People – Every Day.
                  Together we can make a real difference in the world!




A Step in the Right Direction

leapIn our therapy clinic people often come in asking for help in getting out of old feelings they are stuck in. I tell them that the work ahead may be challenging and complex, but the basic map is simple. Change requires action.

In my own journey I have learned this “inconvenient truth”: Old behaviors bring old feelings. New behaviors bring new feelings. If I want to feel differently I need to behave differently. This may sound easy but it can be tremendously difficult. Most of us tend to want our feelings to change without us having to actually change as well. But it doesn’t work that way.

Happily, just a simple step in the right direction often leads to a luscious leap. It is time to dance your life!!!!!


rdautumnPlease join us for our monthly gathering on the third Wednesday of each month to explore the teachings of Ram Dass and the unconditional love of his guru Neem Karoli Baba. This is a space for people to gather, share, and celebrate their curiosity of life, consciousness, and spirit.

Every month has a new topic, starting off with a video and discussion, followed by meditation and kirtan – led by our wonderful wallah Miko Matsumura! Tea and snacks are provided and all are welcome to bring more to share.

This gathering is a free community event (donations accepted to help cover costs). Come as you are. All are welcome! Doors open at 6:30pm, event starts at 7pm.

Our next Ram Dass gathering will be Wednesday, December 21. Please come by for a heart-opening evening in community.

Offered in connection with The Love Serve Remember Foundation. For more info see our events calendar, email us at info@liberationinstitute.org or call the main desk (415) 606-5296.

Opening Windows


“The Divine is like the wind: It enters through whatever window we open for it, and sometimes through cracks we didn’t know existed.” – Phillip Goldberg


road-for-internsThe road for interning therapists can be a long, windy, tortuous, underpaid, nerve wracking experience. Since all of our Supervisors, Director and Assistant Director, have also had to do it themselves, they all understand.

At Liberation we see many students, interns, and MFT’s who are dedicated to helping and healing the human race, all while getting emotionally trampled, working so much to support themselves and gain hours, and feeling completely burned out. We are dedicated to providing them with the support they need. By offering therapy at a sliding scale, they are able to get help so they can be the best therapists they can be, all while not breaking their bank so they can continue to pay off their hefty student loans.

If you’re an intern, therapist, or anyone working in the field of helping others, please know that Liberation is here to support you. With donation based weekly Yoga, Meditation, and Kirtan therapy groups, as well as sliding scale individual, couples or family therapy, we can help you prevent or lesson compassion fatigue and burnout.

Please attend on of our Liberation Sangha groups or contact us to make an appointment today!


We are grateful and thrilled to announce the premier of our new website!

When we opened our doors in October 2008 I put together our first website on my old mac. That felt like quite an accomplishment for a guy who can barely write emails! As we grew I upgraded the site as best I could on the outdated mac programs I had. The old site was woefully outdated, but the signature snapshot of the soaring Liberation bird will live on.

old-websiteThis community project has required months of hard work and many long and complex discussions about design and content. I hope you find the results of our efforts pleasant and helpful.

Deep gratitude to everyone who participated in getting this monumental task done. Kudos to our team, especially assistant director Elizabeth Hoke who spent endless hours helping me generate every word, image and detail.

Special thanks to Kyle McClure and everyone on the stellar team at Elevation Web. Without their expertise and generosity this project would not have happened.

Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback!

We’re All Connected


Everyday around dusk, outside our main offices in SF, a flock of little black birds gathers on the wires to chirp, gloriously
celebrating the day. This always reminds me of the symphony of transformation that happens with the work we do at Libi – people helping people in community.

Here’s a video for a reminder that we are ALL connected – each of us an integral part of Life’s song!

Research at the Liberation Institute

As a natural extension of our out-of-the box perspectives, our clinical staff creates and oversees a variety of research projects designed to study and support innovation in growth, healing, and freedom.

Current Projects Include:


  • A pilot study on music, chanting, meditation and the potential benefits to people with depression.
  • Yoga therapy and efficacy for anxiety
  • A qualitative study on the use of psychotherapy in long term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Recently Completed: A qualitative study on the role of spiritual experience in recovery from addiction.

More to come!