☀️Morning Meditation & Journaling Group 🪶

When: Thursday Mornings, 8am-9am
July and August (exception July 25)

Where: online

Offering: We will gather for an hour of morning practice. We will begin with a guided meditation, cultivating relaxation, balanced focus, and compassion. Following this, a writing prompt will be supplied. The prompts will guide us to explore and express both creatively and meditatively, and depending on what you are needing that day, your writing might look more like a creative writing entry or an exercise in self-inquiry. You are welcome to wander off the prompt if that day your heart wants to wander!

In the last ten minutes there will be an optional short check-in where we can share a piece of our writing or whatever is on our heart. The intention of this group is to support each other integrating meditation, mindfulness, and writing practice into our lives.

❤️ Offered to the community by donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.

RSVP or more info: eric@liberationinstitute.org

🦋About the Facilitator
Eric Satya Hertz is a psychotherapist intern at Liberation Institute, supervised by Elizabeth Hoke LMFT T1440. He is also a writer, poet, myth-teller, and musician. He completed his MFA in creative writing and taught creative writing at Boston University.
Eric spent two years living and practicing full-time at Great Vow Zen Monastery, and has done a cumulative of one year of silent meditation retreat. He loves to view both therapy and creativity as natural expressions of meditative presence, and has a mission of exploring the unification of the archetypes of the singing Bard and the silent Yogi within.
Eric has trained in parts-work (Voice Dialogue, IFS), as well as psychodynamic therapy (NARM for healing developmental trauma), and is an ongoing student of the Diamond Approach, a psychospiritual school that combines ancient spiritual methods with modern psychological theory to facilitate the unfolding of our true nature.